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Jan 11, 2013 4:00pm PST
people who don't make as much money or have the same level of education as you and it makes you feel better. >> we can't regulate. we can fight back but. >> we're not trying to fight back, just don't support it. >> cenk: a young woman who is fighting begins the dream act has her mother grabbed by ice. and they arrest her. it's a harrowing story. we'll talk about it when we return. [ sobbing ] >> this is happening to families everywhere. >> cenk: we're back here on "the young turks." erika andiola is the activist for the dream act. that's for young people who were brought into this country without documents but not because of anything they did. will they be allowed to stay longer. president obama, if you remember, took executive action that does allow them to stay, but it does not cover their pan. recently erika's mother was seized and she showed that on youtube. >> they took her for no reason. [ sobbing ] they asked me if my brother was related to me. i said yes he's my brother. they just took him. they just took him. they didn't want to tell me why. they said they needed to go becau
Jan 3, 2013 4:00pm PST
education that has to happen all over the world not just in the united states, obviously in india, the congo, south africa, our own military where there is an extraordinary amount of rape by our military against our own military. i think the most compelling thing to think about is the status of women and how women and girls are thought about how they're treated in our own neighborhoods and in countries around the world. if it's ok to demean a woman in any way then the next thing it's ok to rape them. >> and i think it has to do with accountability, as well. these kids in steubenville called themselves the rape crew out in the open and it seems there are not consequences. in the military, there was an issue of consequences. in india, nine years for a trial. lack of consequences. i think will see got to be consequences now. violence against women act amazingly did not pass. the house republicans blocked it recently, because they said wait a minute, wait a minute, we were in favor of the original, but now you're trying to protect native american women and lbgt well and undocumented a
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2